Innovation Maturity Certification Scheme

Any organization, in order to stay alive, needs to continually adapt itself to its environment and create new products and services in the process. Many of those changes are small, some changes and developments are really significant and sometimes radical.

IMaCS partner consultants take a broad look at your organisation’s practices to identify opportunities to innovate across four broad dimensions including technology, customer experience, employee experience, and products/services.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, you need to innovate to respond to changing technology, market trends, competition, and Brexit. Moreover, innovation can help you make the most of what you already have.

Innovation is trending, but how many companies succeed in embedding innovation in their DNA? We see a lot of companies that struggle to get their arms around innovation. 

IMaCS Delivery Partner for 2021-2024

Innovolo Ltd
Beacon Place, Victoria Offices, Roche, Cornwall PL26 8LG

You’d employ the IMaCS Programme in your business if:

  • You don’t know where to start when making your organisation more innovative. What elements do come to play when building a culture of innovation?
  • Your team fails to keep pace and momentum. You need to buy leadership support, bridge silos, change the company’s mindset, and build a sustainable culture of innovation instead of one-off actions.
  • You find it hard to get a view of the ideas that are living in a larger organization (fuzzy front end).
  • Your corporate culture (hierarchic barriers, low failure tolerance, etc.) often impedes innovation because people with good ideas are discouraged or disregarded; or
  • You don’t have the right processes and tools to capture, select, promote, and mature ideas in a consistent manner. After all, innovation is a companywide process that can be managed, measured, and improved.